youths & children
from the age of 4 - 17
18 years of age
and older
daily ticket
€ 3.50€ 4.50

Discount for groups: 10% (from 15 people)
Family discount: 15% (maximum 2 adults plus children)

Tickets with admission points that have been sold already remain valid but need to be changed into a paper ticket at the cashier. Admission only when our form is filled out at the cashier with adresses and contact information to assist with contact tracing.

Admission tickets are only valid for the respective time slot. If you visit again on the same day the admission fee has to be paid again.
When leaving the pool the card is collected and loses validity.

Disabled people with a degree of 50% pay the youth rate.
Children younger than 10 years not admitted unless accompanied by an adult!
Children younger than 4 years accompanied by an adult are free.
Cashier closes an hour before closing time.
Swimming pool area can be used up to half an hour before closing time.